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I started bleeding 2 days ago and it's sort of like a light period (I usually get v heavy ones). The colour is red to dark red/brown with no blood clots. Wouldn't call it spotting as I've had to change pads but it's not a regular period either. I'm 17 and freaking out slightly as premarital sex is a huge deal in my country.

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Heavy implantation bleeding with clots

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No, vaginal bleeding with clots is not implantation bleeding. Heavy implantation bleeding pictures; Should heavy bleeding occur, it could indicate that no implantation has occurred, and your period is beginning. Hello, Thanks for posting your query. You had spotting on day 12 of your period which is least likely to be due to an implantation bleeding. Usually implantation happens 7-10 days after ovulation. Sep 06, 2019 · The color of discharge during implantation bleeding is also different from menstruation. Implantation bleeding is usually bright to dark red, while period blood usually ranges from light pink to dark brown. In menstruation, some women may experience clotting, but in implantation bleeding, the APA says there should be no clots. Implantation bleeding also typically involves only spotting or a light flow, whereas, during their menstrual cycle, most women can fill up multiple pads.

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Implantation bleeding is usually brown or pinkish vaginal discharge of blood contains small amounts. Only about a third of all pregnant women will experience implantation bleeding. You poor, not pinkish red, like a heavy period is time low, and if it happens a little sooner than you think to be implantation bleeding if you have it you can feel.

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Infection of the prostate can also cause blood clots in urine and other enlarged prostate signs and symptoms. Cancer. Urinary bleeding is often a sign and symptom of advanced cancer to the kidneys, prostate, or bladder. The problem is symptoms like bleeding are not present in the early stage. Prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer are treatable ... BFP Story: BFP AFTER AF (Heavy Bleeding and severe cramps) Just want to thank this forum, as I'm a regular stalker and symptom spotter hehe. This is for all the GES's (Google Every Symptom-ers) and those who've had a bleed and thought it was their period. Bleeding accompanied with severe cramps that had me running to A&E thinking I was dying. Hi, F24 here! I’m sorry if this is TMI. However, I started my period today and it’s been slightly alarming. First off, I was a week late. Second, I am bleeding so heavy!! In the two hours I was at breakfast I bled through 4 tampons. And the clots are the size of ping pong ball. Some a little smaller. My cramps are pretty bad, but nothing ...